Pushing Safety + Sustainability: Packaging for 2021

November 4, 2020

Pushing Safety + Sustainability: Packaging for 2021

Direct mail, the original “contactless delivery” method, continues to lead key communication efforts while in-person meetings remain stagnant, if even an option, across many industry sectors. Without a doubt, digital marketing is filling a significant portion of sales outreach, but physical mail – with samples and the tactile connection it generates, remains popular for B2B and B2C lead generation.

Perhaps not surprisingly, sustainability and safety top the list of key consumer concerns with packaging as we head into the end-of-year holiday mailing crunch.


Sustainability is not a new trend for consumers across any industry, but mindfulness of it is at an all time high. Takeout containers at home have replaced dinnerware at restaurants; delivery packages have replaced items placed in shopping bags as eCommerce has supplemented necessity and grocery shopping. In addition to improved design to eliminate unnecessary packaging, consumers are increasingly mindful of the materials used, and how recyclable those materials are in terms of reducing refuse impact on the environment.


In terms of safety in packaging, this year has provided an opportunity for companies to rethink their approach to secure packaging. Perhaps most significantly, for example, envelopes, bags and packages secured with tamper-proof adhesive strips are quickly gaining traction as “must haves” for limiting recipients’ exposure to unknown contaminants.

At a time where receiving mail, packages, and takeout is viewed as a method of protecting your health, consumers and businesses are looking for packaging solutions which provide secure, environmentally-friendly options.

Learn about Continental Envelope’s commitment to Sustainability here.