Meet the Team

We are a family-run business focused on both our customers and employees. The one thing we all have in common is our LOVE for envelopes. Meet a few of the members of our extraordinary team.

Meet the Team
  • Jacob Margulies, President
  • Norman Margulies, Vice President
  • Fred Margulies, Vice President
  • Sarah Ann Margulies, Special Assistant to the President
  • David Margulies, Business Development
  • Todd Dzemske, Vice President Operations
  • Steve Arloff, Vice President Sales
  • Jeanne Phelan, Human Resources Director
  • Shawn Fasules, Controller
  • Bill Hickey, Account Manager
  • Mark Farrow, Account Manager
  • Ray Hafertepe, Account Manager
  • Jim Romanek, Account Manager
  • Melissa O’Neill, Account Manager
  • Doug Comperda, Account Manager
  • Trish Miller, Account Manager
  • Starr Coyle, Customer Service
  • Megan Wilson, Customer Service
  • Nancy Thiede, Customer Service