What Sets Litho Envelopes Apart from Standard Flexo Printed Envelopes?

Standard envelopes are printed with flexo-graphic printing. In flexo printing, a web – a very large paper roll – runs through a machine which both prints, cuts and folds it.

In this efficient printing method, four or five colors (depending on which process is used) are layered in small dots to create an image on the page. The machine then cuts and folds the envelope. This efficient and economical process is perfect for direct mail such as solicitations and standard business mailings.

Sometimes, however, you need to print an eye-catching envelope with rich, detailed imagery sure to grab your customer’s attention.

This is where Litho Envelopes shine.

Litho Envelopes Showcase Your Graphics to Perfection for Maximum Visual Appeal

“Marketing data shows that 7 out of 10 of people are more likely to open an envelope with color graphics than a standard black and white mailing.” – Leflein Associates  

Litho printing creates vibrant, visually stunning and highly detailed images. 

This is because the inking process of litho printing – printing from a flat litho plate – is geared towards highly detailed imagery. 

Litho printing enables a higher quality print, highlighting:

  • Photographic-style printing, with extremely tight lines, details, and registration,
  • Vibrant, complex colors and high detail clarity,
  • A more beautiful surface – litho printing often uses higher quality papers, full bleed inks, and rich colors to maximum effect.

When your next small business, corporate, or non-profit mailing campaign really needs to stand out, litho options could be the perfect solution for you.

Custom Litho Printed Envelopes from Continental Envelope

Continental Envelope’s team includes professional graphic printers, as well as industry leading technicians and account representatives who can transform your vision and artwork into a stunning mailing. 

If you are looking for a high-impact envelope for your next direct mail campaign, our expert representatives can ensure you get the right envelope to suit your direct mail campaign goals. 

We excel in custom business envelope solutions, and we’ll get the job done right – on time, every time. 

To find the perfect envelope solution for your business or nonprofit direct mail campaign, give us a call at 630.262.8080 or fill out our contact form here.