How Die-Cut Envelopes Can Make Your Direct Mail Advertising Campaign Stand Out

Die-cut envelopes can make your mailing stand out to customers by combining special shapes with premium quality graphic prints.

What Are Die-Cut Envelopes?

How does a die-cut envelope differ from a standard envelope?

A die-cut envelope is cut by a special piece of equipment that uses a “die” – similar to a cookie cutter – to create specially shaped envelopes.

For example, a “trailing edge” envelope might have three straight sides with a call-out overhang on the fourth. This creates a dynamic visual effect that can easily grab the attention of your customers, and get your mailer noticed in a pile. 

Our die-cut equipment can handle large volumes, printing up to 6 million envelopes in a single day. This machine also allows us to offer special, high-quality premium artwork on envelopes when used in conjunction with lithography printing. Used together these manufacturing processes create vibrant, colorful, top quality envelopes that can grab your customer’s attention.

What other kinds of custom envelopes and services does Continental Envelope provide?

Continental Envelope’s professional and friendly team can help you design and customize the perfect mailer to meet your business or non-profit goals.

We provide: 

  • Corporate and Business Envelopes: Business envelopes in every shape and size – with custom foldings, openings and more to meet your specific needs.
  • Fast Turnaround: we regularly update our equipment and processes to provide the fastest turnaround possible. We can produce up to 12 million envelopes a day on our high speed web presses and our die-cut machines.
  • Exceptional Graphics Printing: Award-winning enhanced flexo, process flexo, and high quality litho options.
  • Excellent Selection of Paper Types: The type of paper you choose can matter a lot to your clients. We offer recycled, eco-friendly, vinyl, special finish, and other unique materials to help your brand connect with your customer.
  • Custom Envelope Widows: Whether you need multiple windows, specially shaped windows, or specially sized envelope windows – we can do it.
  • Climate Controlled Finished Envelope Storage: We can store your envelopes post-printing to make sure they are in perfect condition when it comes time to mail.
  • Best-in-Class Customer Service: Continental Envelope’s teams are made of experts in each area of production. We have in-house graphic printing specialists, machinists, account representatives, and more to ensure that every part of your process goes smoothly.

We are committed to your success, and will deliver a perfect envelope – on time, every time. 

Let our professional team help you design the perfect envelope to meet your business and or nonprofit mailing goals. Call us at 630.262.8080 or fill out our contact form here