Get Your Direct Mail Into Your Customer’s Hands with Business Envelopes from Continental Envelope

Business envelopes enable you to get your message into your customer’s hands. 

There are a wide variety of business envelopes available. The envelope you choose should be selected to suit your project specs – and to get the best possible response from your customer. 

Business Reply Envelopes: A First Rate Choice for Direct Mail

It’s a fact that direct mail is still one of the strongest single actions that many businesses and nonprofits can take to gain customer attention and response. Businesses and nonprofits have a higher chance of capturing their customer’s interest when that customer is holding an envelope in their hands.

A “business reply envelope” (BRE) can increase a direct mail campaign’s effectiveness. 

How does this work?

Imagine: it’s 10:00am in the morning, and your customer is at their desk with a cup of coffee in one hand, and your mailer in the other. They decide to respond – but only have 5 minutes before their next meeting. If they have to put your mailer down to look up your address, find an envelope, and send it to you, they’re likely to put it off – and then forget.

A business reply envelope solves this problem by having the business’ address pre-printed on the front. 

That way, your customer can enclose their response quickly and place their reply directly in the mail – without having to stop to write down your address or find an envelope. 

Business response envelopes can either be prepaid, or paid by the customer. Either way, including a business reply envelope cuts down on the number of steps your customer needs to take to respond. 

The easier it is for your customer to take action, the better chance you have of getting a response!

How Can Continental Envelope Help My Business Envelopes Shine?

It’s not enough to get your envelope into your customer’s hands – they also have to make the decision to open it!

Continental Envelope offers a wonderful variety of customizations to help you do just that. 

Do You Offer Custom Window Envelopes for Business?

Yes. We can add customized window shapes, sizes, and even make double windows for more interest and appeal. 

We offer a variety of window options:

  • Window Sizes: Window sizes can be suited to showcase the right information to your customer at a glance.
  • Multiple Windows: Varying the number of windows on custom window envelopes for business can make an envelope stand out.
  • Special Window Shapes: A heart shaped window around a Valentine’s Day advertisement can add appeal, as can a dog bone shaped window on a pet mailer. It’s all about gaining your customer’s attention.

The right envelope can make all the difference in engaging your audience.

Are there other options for customizing business reply envelopes?

Yes. Continental Envelope’s expert team includes machinists, die-cutters, and specially trained graphic printers to make sure your project meets your design specs. We also have a large variety of raw materials for envelope construction (including vinyl, textured, recycled, and eco-friendly paper options), as well as industry leading printing processes. 

We can help you stand out with your customers, just ask us how. Our expert and committed team gets the job done right – on time, every time. Give us a call at 630.262.8080 or fill out the contact form here to get started.