Corporate Envelopes for Business and Non-Profit Needs

Whether it’s an annual report, bill, direct mail campaign, or other type of transactional business mailing, corporate envelopes can make a difference in how your customers and audience engage with your message. 

In an age where everything is virtual, a physical envelope that your customer will hold in their hands, provides an important point of engagement. 

Having the right corporate envelope sets a tone for your company, and conveys your brand in a meaningful, personal way. 

What Type of Corporate Envelopes does Continental Envelope Manufacture?

Whatever your business needs, we can make the right envelope for you. 

Our envelopes are ideal for any type of business mail need, including: 

  • Direct mail advertising campaigns – including mailings for healthcare, financial and other institutional needs.
  • Nonprofit annual fundraising campaigns, reports, and solicitations.
  • Monthly statements and regular business mailings.

Let our team help you deliver branded corporate envelopes that send your customers the right message.

Are Your Corporate Envelopes Customizable?

Continental Envelope offers fully customizable corporate envelopes, which can be designed to meet your project and business needs. 

We provide: 

  • Corporate envelopes in every shape, size, and configuration – with openings on the side or top.
  • Fast turnaround: Our industry leading equipment means we can process up to 12 million envelopes a day on our high speed web presses and 6 million a day on our computerized die-cut machines.
  • Exceptional graphics printing: We have award-winning enhanced flexo and process flexo, as well as litho printed options.
  • A large selection of paper types: The type of paper you choose can matter a lot to your clients. We offer recycled, eco-friendly, vinyl, special finish, and other unique materials to help your brand connect with your customers.
  • Custom envelope widows: Whether you need multiple windows, specially shaped windows, or specially sized envelope windows – we can do it all.
  • Climate controlled envelope storage to make sure your envelopes are in perfect condition when it comes time to mail your campaign.
  • Best-in-class customer service: Continental Envelope’s team are experts in each area of production. We have in-house graphic specialists, machinists, account managers, and more to ensure that every part of your process goes smoothly.

We are committed to your success, and will deliver your project perfect and on time. 

Let our professional team guide you through every step of the process and make sure your envelope is optimized to suit your business and corporate goals, give us a call at 630.262.8080 or fill out the contact form here.