The #10 Envelope: The Classic Envelope for Direct Mail Needs

The #10 envelope is the most common and versatile business mailing envelope.

Chances are, if you’ve picked up mail today, you’ve held a #10 envelope in your hands.

That’s because the #10 envelope is the mainstay of business mailing envelopes. Used in direct mail, billing, and transactional mailings, the #10 envelope can be customized to suit many business needs.

What is a #10 envelope used for?

The #10 envelope is the most common envelope for business mail, including direct response mailings. A #10 envelope fits standard printer size paper of 8 ½” by 11” inches, making it a go-to choice for a wide variety of commercial and nonprofit mailing needs.

Are #10 envelopes used in business response mailings?

Yes. A common way to send business response mailings is to use a #10 envelope and send your business or nonprofit’s call to action along with a pre-addressed #9 envelope inside. In this case, the pre-printed number #9 envelope can either be pre-paid or paid for by the customer.

A mailer including a #10 envelope and a pre-printed business return envelope (BRE) can make it easy for interested customers to respond to you, which results in a higher return rate.

Can a #10 envelope be customized?

Yes. Getting your mailer to your customer is only half the challenge. Customizing your envelope helps get a customer’s attention, and encourages a higher open rate!

Everything we do at Continental Envelope is tailored to your specifications.

We have a wide variety of customization abilities, including:

  • Size Customization: The standard size for a #10 envelope at Continental Envelope is 4 ⅛ by 9 ½ inches, however we can easily make any envelope you require.
  • Artwork & Design: We have industry leading printing capabilities, and our professional graphics team will ensure your artwork prints perfectly.
  • Paper Color & Type: Continental Envelope can source a wide variety of paper types which allows you to add interest and appeal to your envelopes. From vinyl papers, to special textures and finishes, to recycled and eco-friendly options, there is sure to be something your customer will love.

Our expert sales team can help you ensure that you pick the right envelope for your project. Give us a call at 630.262.8080 or fill out the contact form here.